Open your eyes Mr. Mugaloo

open your eyes Mr Mugaloo
they are not coming back for you
you need to forget
Mr Mugaloo!

but they took…

I know,
everything you have they took
Mr. Mugaloo

and I don’t want to …

open your eyes Mr. Mugaloo?

yes, I prefer more dark now
thank you.
it is much much better
than to…

than to,  Mr. Mugaloo?

pitch black,
I say
I prefer,
Mrs. Mugaloo.

pitch black
to seeing
ever again.
Mrs. Mugaloo.


Both poem (or more like a tiny little short story) and the illustration made by moi, about my made up characters, Mr. and Mrs.Mugaloo)). And though I just made them both up and drew (for now) only Mr. Mugaloo, I already grew fond of both of them. I’m already picturing Mrs. Mugaloo in my head, the way she carries herself, her character traits, her background, the kind of relationship she has with Mr.Mugaloo, how she met him, what happened to them. It kind of reminds me of my childhood as I used to sit for hours at my desk as a kid and drew millions of made up characters. I used to think up names for them, where they are coming from, what they’re like to each other and why, things like that. I really loved my own little fantasy world as a child and I still do. I like that I can still travel as far as I used to, just sitting at my desk with nothing but my coloured pencils and my imagination as a vehicle.

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