but, now even more often than seldom,
and while she writes her candy letters
(with gilded and elegant utensils)
out of nowhere
(in this well composed mind that streams)

random holes

Strange and evil words


her most consciences efforts
to ignore

and as she stops for a moment or two
to sit still like you would do
in suspicion of burglars
creeping through
they come out,
one by one.

squeezing them outside membrane
they bounce right back against the inside of the skull.
Angry words
inside her skull
forming lines
repeating lines

knife and kill and rape and death, cannibal murder
fear death devil violence insane

evil, evil

their letters are glued,
not to rearrange them

fear – gear – dear
play with rhymes
to silence them,
make less scary

but they swallow one another and melt to form rivers
like sticky waters dripping in through pores
if only you tilted your head.

she waits, motionless
this won’t take long.

Picture – Catatonic (edit) 2011.