A painter, occasional writer and a music lover who loves to read, think, look, talk, walk, listen, explore, learn and create. In a nutshell that is.

When it comes to art that I do, especially painting and drawing, what matters to me the most is the idea. Execution is important but I’m not very preoccupied with style. I guess you could say that I like to experiment and let my own art surprise me.

The ideas I get come to me in a flash. Before I even start doing anything I see a clear image, a projection of something in my head (usually just a word will do), and I end up following that vision through.  Very often I feel extremly compelled to get those images out of my mind instantly because I become obsessed with them. On the other hand, there are times when I start doodling something without having the slightest idea as to what I will end up with. It’s an enjoyable, rewarding process, both exhilirating and healing, always different.

The thing is though, I paint because I have to paint, otherwise I’m pretty sure I’d go insane. Up until recently I refused to even consider the idea of selling my artwork because all of the paintings and drawings I made grew so much on me and they were so intimate and well, how exactly do you put a price tag on a fragment of self? But, I have, however, over the time, learned how to let go, and besides, there were people interested in purchasing them (people I knew would appreciate them) so I started selling them. I don’t feel sorry now, in fact, I hope my joys and sorrows made someone happy for awhile. And I needed to grow up anyways.

This blog was started out of the pure need to share my artwork and some of the things I find inspiring with other people (instead of just keeping it all to myself). However, 98 percent of the content is my own original work, and by that I mean my paintings, drawings, ideas, photography, poems, short stories etc. Also, last but not least, I have to mention that I really do appreciate all your comments and I never delete any of them because, as any idealist would say, difference in opinion is a good thing in my book.

All in all, thank you for visiting,  hope you enjoy what comes out of my mind.

(And!) if you want to ask something (but don’t want to make it public), feel free to email me at: sixglassesofwater6@gmail.com

Oh, my name is Sonja btw.

Why Six glasses of water?


How do I master the perfect day?
Six glasses of water
Seven phonecalls

I can decide what I give
But it’s not up to me
What I get given

Bjork, “It’s not up to you” 

(Yes, also a huge fan of Bjork too. Obviously. Love the music, the poetry, the richness of her inner world,  her passion and the emotion she so brilliantly conveys.  A true fan indeed. But this song, and this verse in particular, I don’t know, it just really sort of gets me. And maybe it’s just me, but I feel so much hope has been poured into those six glasses of water. Little tiny bits of hope. And life.  So I picked that name.  For luck and on a whim when I wrote my first post here. And I kept it because I still like it.)


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